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  Basic of Combat

Theer are three type of combat in Area00.

  • Bombing
  • Air-to-air combat (dog fight)
  • Air-to-surface combat against moving target or AAA

  • How Does Bombing Work?

    This depends on the number of armors the target has. For example, "Command Center" has a 40 armor, while F-15E has a Mk.82 Bomb with a 18 attack.

    In a bombing, F-15E has a 18 * 0.3 = 5.4 chance of scoring a hit. However, on average, "Command Center"'s 40 armors will block 40 * 0.3 = 12 hits of damage.

    • TO HIT by size of surface-target :

      of target
      Laser Guided Bomb Air-to-surface Missile Unguided Bomb Cluster Bomb
      0 0 -20 -20
      -10 -10 0 -10
      -20 -20 -10 0

    That means that F-15E will only injure "Command Center" when by luck "Command Center"'s armor roll below average.

  • How Does Air-to-Air Combat Work?

    This depends on the number of speeds and armors the opponent has. For example, F-16 Falcon has a 16 speed, a 5 armor and a sidewinder missile with a 10 attack, while F/A-18 has a 14 speed, a 6 armor and an AMRAAM missile with a 13 attack.

    In a fight, F-16 is faster than F/A-18, has an initiative of attack. F-16 has a 10 * 0.3 = 3.0 chance of scoring a hit. On average, F/A-18's 6 armor will block 6 * 0.3 = 1.8 hits of damage. F-16 will do 3.0 - 1.8 = 1.2 hits of damage. 1.2 is closer to 2, so F-16 do a 2 damage.

    F/A-18 will, on average, score 13 * 0.3 = 3.9 hits, with F-16's armors stopping only 5 * 0.3 = 1.5 hits of damage. F/A-18 will do 3.9 - 1.5 = 2.4, round to 3, 3 hits of damage.

  • How Does Air-to-Surface Combat Work?

    It is same with Air-to-Air Combat but the oppenent is not an aircraft but moving target like truck, tank and SAM.

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  Dog Fight

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Refer target list page by clicking below link.

Target characteristics here.

  • Radioactive
    Target is making a radio wave.
  • Negate Armor Piercing
    Target negates the effect of Armor Piercing.

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  Reward of Combat

Medal will be givem when you archive goal of combat or complete mission.

Refer Medal page in Character section by clicking here.

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  Injury and Prisoner of War

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