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  Ability Scores and Other Characteristics

Intelligence (INT)

    Intelligence becomes a key factor in a character's ability to learn and use skills. If you have a lower intelligence that means you will not be as effective at using skills you have obtained. Therefore if you want to maximize your skills then the higher your Intelligence the better your skills will work for you in combat.
Sense (SEN)
Stamina (STA)
    Stamina measures the fitness, health and physical toughness of your character. A high score in this area boosts the total number of fatigue points your character receives, and with more fatigue points, your character can fly longer time. This aspect of a character is important if you intend on flying long hours in the game if not then Stamina is not as important a factor as Intelligence and Sense but do not assume that the game will always be this way. Changes could be made so that Stamina is more important in the short term so be aware of the current game environment and judge your need for Stamina based on that.

    See Stamina Apply Table.

    Fatigue measures the duration a pilot can fly; lower values are better. If the Fatigue reaches the max, a character cannot pilot his or her aircraft. When a pilot is not flying, Fatigue is decreased 1 unit for every 10 minutes the pilot remains on the ground. When a pilot is flying, Fatigue is increased by 3 every 10 minutes. Currently the game allows you to fly for long periods without you having to rest in-between this may change from game server to game server so be aware of each servers conditions some may require greater Stamina than others so be careful.
Experience (EXP)
    Experience points are the concrete measurement of a character's progress. Killing foes, completing assignments all lead to increased experience points and, eventually, an increase in a character's grade or Rank.
Rank (level)
  Sortie Min.
    A pilot is expected to fly at least once every 24 hours in order to receive their hourly pay. The pay is determined on your rank at the time of payment. There maybe different sortie minimums for game servers so please check your pilot log to see what the minimum sortie is before assuming there is a bug or glitch.

    The game parameters often change so your pilot log is the place to check. Also if you still feel something is not right please double check with other pilots first before reporting bugs in the game. More often than not the changes are made and either we have yet to update the manual or you have not read about the updates.

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    When your character goes up in levels, he/she may be eligible to learn a new skill, or increase level of skill you know already. A box appears with all the icons depicting the skills you may learn (choose). To pick a new skill, click on its icon but choose wisely you cannot change that skill once it has been picked.

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  • Aerobatics
    Increase your sense.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

  • Bank
    Increase your payment.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

  • Electric Warfare
    Not Ready.

  • Engineering
    Reduce time(repair penalty) to repair your damaged aircraft.
    • Basic : reduce 10 min.
    • Expert : reduce 20 min.
    • Master : reduce 30 min.

  • Learning
    Increase the number of experience points awarded and also decrease the number of penalty experience point.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

  • Navigation
    Decrease the amount of fuel used to fly.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

  • Physical Training
    Increase your stamina.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

  • Reconnassiance
    Not Ready.

  • Scholarship
    Increase your intel.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

  • Survival
    Increase chance to survive from crash.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

  • Trade
    Increase buying and selling skill. You can buy aircrafts and equipments more cheaper and sell them more expensive. Not armaments.
    • Basic : 10%
    • Expert : 20%
    • Master : 30%

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  To delete your character
    If you don't want to play Area00 anymore click options on left menu and click retire and enter your password and proceed. Remember you will lose all data if you do this and the character will not be reinstated. Remember you are to have only one character per game server and if you are asked by the monitors to do this please do it immediately. Read the Terms of Service and the Rules for the game if you are unsure about the conditions for playing Area00.

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Pilot Log
    All your important activities are recorded automatically to your Pilot Log.

  • Sorties
    Number of times you have flown your aircraft from your base. Sorties in your own airspace are counted towards this total.

  • Enemy Pilots Killed
    Number of enemy airplanes Number of enemy pilots you have shot down.

  • Computer Pilots Killed
    Number of enemy pilots you have shot down. Friendly Fire Incidents Number of pilots or computer pilots or structures of your own wing you have killed or destroyed.

  • Structures Destroyed
    Number of enemy ground targets destroyed

  • Wings Destroyed
    The number of wings destroyed. This is an important factor for you as a pilot. The number of wings destroyed will be factored into your Overall Pilot, Top Bomber Pilot and Top Bomber Crew Ratings.

  • Times Shot Down
    Number of times you were shot down by enemy or friendly fire. This factor will reduce your standing on all ratings boards. The fewer times you are shot down the better is obviously one of the most important factors for getting the Top Fighter Pilot ratings and is not important at all in Top Fighter Ace as Times Shot Down are not calculated in for that rating.

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The completion of missions and reaching levels beyond that of other pilots can give you medals and prizes. Some are given by the CO, others are archived in the game through hard work and piloting skill.

Medal of Honor Medal of Honor
For player shoot down 600 other players and destroy 15,000 enemy structures.
Purple Heart Medal Purple Heart Medal
Pilots injured in an attack on the enemy.
Prisoner of War Medal Prisoner of War Medal
For pilots shot down and held as prisoner of war.
Area00 Cross Area00 Cross
For player shoot down 500 other players
Silver Star Silver Star
For player shoot down 400 other players
Legion of Merit Legion of Merit
For player shoot down 300 other players
Bronze Star Bronze Star
For player shoot down 200 other players
Defense Distinguished Ace Service Medal Defense Distinguished Ace Service Medal
For player shoot down 100 other players
Distinguished Service Ace Medal Distinguished Service Ace Medal
For player shoot down 60 other players
Distiguished Flying Cross Distiguished Flying Cross
For player shoot down 30 other players
Superior Service Ace Medal Superior Service Ace Medal
For player shoot down 10 other players
Ace Medal Ace Medal
For player shoot down 5 other players
Area00 Corps Medal Area00 Corps Medal
For player destroy 10,000 enemy structures.
Defence Superior Service Medal Defence Superior Service Medal
For player destroy 5,000 enemy structures.
Defence Meritorius Service Medal Defence Meritorius Service Medal
For player destroy 3,000 enemy structures.
Meritorius Service Medal Meritorius Service Medal
For player destroy 2,000 enemy structures.
Joint Service Commendation Medal Joint Service Commendation Medal
For player destroy 1,000 enemy structures.
Joint Service Archivement Medal Joint Service Archivement Medal
For player destroy 500 enemy structures.
Combat Action Ribbon Combat Action Ribbon
For player destroy 100 enemy structures.
Wing Commentdatary Medal Wing Commentdatary Medal
For loyalty and good conduct in a wing. Only Wing Commander can give this medal to a wingman.
Good Conduct Medal Good Conduct Medal
For good soldiers in wing. Only Wing Commander can give this medal to a wingman.
Medal of Donor Medal of Donor
For donors for Area00. Founder(Tony Choe) gives this medal to a donor.
Medal of Donor Medal of Singapore Player Meeting
For attendants of the Area00 Singapore Player Meeting. Founder(Tony Choe) gives this medal to a donor.
Medal of Donor Medal of Singapore Player Meeting II
For attendants of the 5th Area00 Singapore Player Meeting. Founder(Tony Choe) gives this medal to a donor.

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Commander Badge Commander (CO)
Vice Commander Badge Vice Commander (VCO,VO)
Finance Officer Badge Finance Officer (FO)
Tactic Officer Badge Tactic Officer (TO)
Defense Officer Badge Defense Officer (DO)

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If you know you will be unable to play Area00 for several days, you can set your data on vacation mode for 4 weeks maximum. While on vacation, you receive no additional payment but are protected from auto-deletion by server. You also must remain on vacation mode for at least 48 hours. You can remain on Vacation Mode for 14 days (2 weeks). You cannot set mode whe you are flying.

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