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  Ability Scores and Other Characteristics

  • Speed (SPD)
    Speed measures how fast an aircraft attacks. An aircraft with high Speed have high initiave.

  • Mobility (MOB)
    Mobility measures an aircraft's speed and quickeness. Accuracy in firing weapon is advantages of a high Mobility as well as receiving bonus to Armor Class.

  • Accuracy
    Accuracy measures how accurate an aircraft fires weapon.

  • Armor
    Armor measures how aircraft is strong against an attack.

  • Hit points (HP)
    Hit points measures how difficult an aircraft is to crash; higher values are better. Every time a attack gets past defenses, it does damage that is subtracted from the target's hit points. If the hit points reach 0, the aircraft crash.

  • Fuel
    Fuel indicates the quantity of fuel in external and internal fueltanks.

  • Weight
    Weight indicates the weight of aircraft.

    * Weight Penalty Table
    Aircraft's weight Speed Mobility FCR Color
    less than 70% of Max Weight 0 0 0  
    more than 70% of Max Weight -2 -2 +1  
    more than 85% of Max Weight -4 -4 +2  

  • Fuel Consuming Rate (FCR)
    FCR indicates the quantity of fuel when aircrafts take off, land, attack.

    * FCR by aircraft's size
    Aircraft's Size FCR
    Extra Large4

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  Fuel and Refuel

For flying aircraft must have some fuel. For refuel press "Refuel" in left side bar. It needs some credit. If your wing have Oiltanker you can refuel in friendly air but can't in hostile air.

    * Fuel Quantity by action
    take off to friendly air (patrol) 10 * FCR
    land from friendly air 10 * FCR
    land from hostile air 30 * FCR
    scout hostile air from friendly air 20 * FCR
    scout hostile air form base 30 * FCR
    return from hostile air to friendly air 20 * FCR
    move from sector to sector 15 * FCR
    anti-air weapon fire 30 * FCR
    anti-surface weapon fire 20 * FCR

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  Buy and Sell

If you want buy a new aircraft press "McCoy's Planes" in left side bar. If you want buy a new equipment for your aircraft press "Jafa's Parts" in left side bar.

Shop buys your equipment at 50% of original price. But if equipment is broken shop buy at 1 credit.

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  Damage and Repair

If aircraft's Hit Point is reduced or equipment is damaged you should repair it. In "Aircraft" section you can check these out and repair. If you see this icon, , in "Aircraft" section it means Hit Point or equipment is damaged. Press it to repair.

    Note :
    The repairation takes 10 minutes if you have no Engineering skill.

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When your aircraft's Hit Point reaches zero or you press "Eject" she will fall to the surface and crash, And you will have some probability that you will be a prisoner of war or be injured. If you are a prisoner you must wait 2 hours until you are released. If you are a patient you must wait 1 hour until you are recovered.

    Note :
    • If you have the Survival skill the probability of being a prisoner or a patient is reduced.
    • If your wing has the Rescue Helicopter for Wing Equipment the probability of being a prisoner is reduced.
    • The Wing Finance Officer can pay ransom for you when you are prisoner.
    • If your wing has the Field Hospital for Wing Equipment waiting time is reduced to 1 hour.

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  Takeoff and Landing

If you want to fly into friendly air which is guarded by your wing press "Patrol" in left side bar. If you want to scout into hostile air to attack other wing press "Scout" in left side bar and enter enemy wing name or number. Or press "Wing List" in top menu and view and find enemy and press "Scout" in left side of table. (This is more convenient.)

If you want to land on your base press "Land" in left side bar. If you want to return to friendly air from hostile air press "Return" in left side bar.

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  How to use my cockpit?

Press "Cockpit" in the left menu to get into your cockpit.

  • Navigation Map
    Use it for moving from sector to sector.

  • Radar Mode Selector
    Choose air or surface to see through Radar Screen.
    • AIR (Look Up)
      Use it to scan targets in air.
    • SUR (Surface, Lookdown)
      Use it to scan targets on land.
    • OFF
      Turn off radar

  • Guage
    • HP (Hit Point) Guage
      It shows hit points of your aircraft
    • Fuel Guage
      It shows the amount of left fuel
    • Fatigue Guage
      It shows how you are tired

  • Radar Screen
    See target list

  • Flight Control Button
    Use them to take off, patrol, scout and move.
  • Picture of target

  • Weapon Information

  • Target Information
    • Target name
    • Enemy or Friend?
      Targets will be colored in four different colors:
      red = enemy
      yellow = bogey
      green = ally
      blue = wingmen
    • Hit points of target

  • Weapon Selecter
    Select the most effective weapon for target

  • Fire Button
    • "Fire" : fire/drop single weapon
    • "Fire All" : fire/drop multiple weapons

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  Item List

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  Icons (Silhouette)

F-16 F-14 /
F/A-18 F-15 F-117
F/A-18E F-15E AV-8
A-6 EA-6 F-4
F-5E Mig-21 Mig-23
Su-24 Su-25 Mig-29
Tornado Mirage 2000 Rafale
Typhoon Su-34 F-22
B-52H Tu-160 Mig-31

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